evekare is proud to be a specialist manufacturer of an unrivalled range of bath and shower aids, designed using state of the art production facilities to help you remain steady on your feet in the bathroom.

Bathroom slips and falls are not uncommon or unheard of and in the elderly, those with disabilities or reduced mobility, the impact can be catastrophic both physically and mentally.

evekare recognises this real challenge faced by many of our customers which is why we offer a wide range of quality bath and shower aids to assist daily living in a safe and independent manner.

Our range of bath and shower aids are not just functional and practical but also designed to be stylish, available in a range of different finishes. These products are heavy duty with a weight limit of up to 110 kg.

  • Bath Seat: Our bath seats offer a dual function; suspended bath seat or bath step with a textured non-slip surface as well as the ability to offer adjustable width to suit most baths. Available in a brushed aluminium/white finish and heavy-duty aluminium frame, our bath seats have a weight limit of 110 kg and are ideal for assisted living and aged care.
  • Bath Step: Our bath steps act as a dual function bath step or bath seat available in brushed aluminium/white finish with a weight limit of up to 110 kg and a heavy-duty aluminium frame. These are ideal for assisted living and aged care with non-slip seat and feet.
  • Bath Stool: This rotating height-adjustable seat features a non-slip seat and feet. Available in a blue/white finish and made of durable polypropylene construction. This comes with a standard warranty.
  • Bathtub Step: Dual function bath step or bath seat that has been built using heavy-duty aluminium with a textured non-slip surface.
  • Folding Shower Chair: Durable PE seat with integrated handles on either side for extra support and comfort is the ideal solution for convenience. And, a real space saver as it can be easily folded away in a flat position when not in use.
  • Shower Chair with Cutout: Comes with a non-slip seat and integrated handles. Built using a heavy-duty aluminium frame.
  • Shower seat: Our flexible shower seats that come in white, can also be easily fixed to the wall within the shower cubicle using bolts. Comes complete with a chrome bracket cover and can be folded upright when not in use.
  • Adjustable Transfer Seat: This product comes with an aluminium handle and two suction cups for extra grip. The seat is height adjustable to suit the user’s individual needs.
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