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evekare brings to you a wide range of toilet aids specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of the elderly, disabled and reduced mobility users. Our aim is to provide users with increased independence while performing daily personal hygiene tasks, safely and confidently.

Toilet Aids can be helpful for users with limited strength, mobility or dexterity by providing them extra support that they need to use a toilet. Our range of toilet aids include:

  • Elevated or Raised Toilet Seats: For users with restricted mobility for whom sitting or getting up from a standard toilet seat is a challenge, our raised toilet seats are particularly useful as evekare offers an extensive range of raised toilet seats with different build material and can be fixed or feature adjustable height options
  • Over Toilet Frame or Toilet Surround: This mobility tool is exceptionally durable having been built with steel and featuring padded armrests for extra support and greater comfort. Where a bathroom does not have an ideal wall for grab bars to be fitted or when the user requires more support than grab bars can offer, Over Toilet Frame or Toilet Surround is the perfect aid to assist.
  • Accessible Toilets: Can provide better toileting access to individuals with reduced mobility and users of wheelchairs. evekare’s range of toilet aids includes a high visibility blue seat and flush buttons.
  • Grab Bars or Grab Rails: Can help the elderly or mobility-impaired users to get on and off the toilet by providing them with extra support. This is especially helpful for users that experience knee problems or have weak leg muscles.
  • Bidet Seats and Sprays: Allow mobility-impaired users and the elderly to maintain personal hygiene in privacy and comfort, whilst maintaining their independence. The smart bidet seats can be used with a touch of a button and do not require the user to move for after toilet cleaning purposes.
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