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Bidet Spray Brass

With 1.2 m hose

Bidet Spray PVC

With 1.2 m hose


A handheld bidet sprayer also is known as a bidet shower or a bidet spray gun is categorised as a toilet aid or disability aid, used by individuals with limited mobility for after toilet cleaning purposes.

Also considered a more hygienic and environmentally friendly and economical option when compared to toilet paper. evekare offers two different models of handheld bidet sprayers including: 

  • A chrome-plated bidet sprayer with a brass bodied spray gun that comes with a 1.2 m PVC hose and a bracket that can be mounted on the wall, used to hang the spray gun when not in use.
  • The other option is a white PVC handheld bidet spray gun with a white wall mounted brackets and a 1.2 m hose.
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