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evekare has designed and produced a number of wall track accessories for the disabled, senior and elderly that can easily be mounted on evekare’s wall track system.

Our range of wall track accessories include:

  • Height Adjustable Hinged Support Arm 625 mm: This support arm can easily be mounted on evekare’s wall track system and can either be moved vertically or horizontally to suit the user’s requirements. Built using high-quality aluminium this support arm comes complete with a textured handle that provides a secure grip to the user. When not in use the support arm can be folded upright for better space circulation within the bathroom.
  • Height Adjustable Shower Seat: The height of this shower seat can be easily adjusted using the vertical track that comes built-in within the unit and can also be moved across the wall using the track system that it is mounted on. This product comes complete with an aluminium bracket and can carry up to 150 kg in weight.
  • Adjustable Backrest: Can be used in conjunction with evekare’s range of shower seats and can support up to 150 kg.
  • Basin Wall Bracket: evekare’s adjustable basin wall bracket can fit most of the standards washbasins or bathroom sinks available in the marketplace using the sliding screw mechanism. Built using heavy-duty aluminium, the bracket allows you to adjust the washbasin either vertically or horizontally.
  • Sliding Shelf: This wall track system mountable sliding shelf comes complete with a towel holder, providing the user with better functionality. Once mounted on the wall track system, the shelf can be moved across the bathroom wall and be locked in place using a built-in locking mechanism.
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